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Parking Structure

Parking is available in the parking facility located at 919 Albany Street.

Parking is allowed in all spots unless spots are specifically marked as reserved.  These may include:

  • Reserved - designated for Faculty/Staff
  • Carpool - unless registered for carpool through Campus Operations
  • Motorcycle area - motorcycles only
  • Disabled - blue coded

There is no overnight parking allowed at the law school.

Vehicle Size Limitations:  All vehicles must be no larger than 80 inches wide, 223 inches long, and 78 inches high.  Due to space limitations, the Parking Structure cannot accommodate vehicles in excess of these dimensions.

Please read below for more details about parking at the law school.


Loyola Law School is not responsible for and assumes no liability for damage or theft of any vehicle or its contents. Vehicles should be locked with valuables removed or out of sight.  Vehicles are not to park overnight at any time.